nor yauyos reserve

Nor Yauyos Reserve is a National Park categorized as nature, landscape and living culture deep in the Andes of Lima.
To go there is necessary to spend at least three days, better in four or five.

The land is surrounded of mountains, lakes, rivers, and depends of weather conditions, so is very important to know that is unavailable during months of rains (jan-mar) and during months of june to august the possibilities of snow and low temperature may change plans on the fly.

The reserve is one of the main sources of water and power energy of Lima region.
The history shows this land as the Pariacaca Realm, a land where (legends tell)  life began, a land where mountains fought to be the main ruler, all of them sons of the Sun. The end of the story tells that finally Apu (mountain god) Pariacaca won the battle and become into the most important god of all times.
During centuries inhabitants belief in the power of nature, even today with the inclusion of the Catholic Church, they still believe in the power of nature as a living being.

Three Days trip
Day 1: Travel from Lima around 5am.
Stop at Lunahuaná, visit Incahuasi an Inca fortress at 8am and then, continue to Laraos arriving around 2 pm to stay at some basic homestay. Hike and visit the surrondings with thowsand of pre Inca terraces.
D2: Leaving Laraos and move to Huancaya (3600m), hike and photos, then move to Vilca to hike and shoot the cascades. Return to Huancaya to a basic homestay.
D3: After breakfast we will move back to Lima with some stops on the way. 

The trip may have some extensions going from Vilca to Tanta (4500m), so we will continue:
D3: hike near lakes and to some other places around. Basic Homestay at Tanta.
D4: Leaving Tanta for a day trip to Huarochirí (3200m). Basic Homestay.
D5: Trip to Lima from Huarochirí.

RESERVE your photo trip


The place you are interested to visit

Recommended Timing: Three to Five days
Season: Half April to half December, during June to August limited to snow on higher lands.
Lenses: Wide angle / 24-105 mm / 300mm+

Pick up 7:00 am. Return 9:00 pm. approx.

TRIP INCLUDES: Private transportation to/from Miraflores or Barranco districts. Other districts ask. Leaded by a Professional Photographer + Assistant.
We recommend some lodgings but you are free to choose as your budget could afford.

Meals, entrance fees, local guides on sites, tips. hiking poles.


Booking procedure:
After pre booking by the web form, or contact us by whatsapp, chat or email, please send a list with names, passport numbers, tour date, meeting point and any request you think could be important, as kind of things you want to photograph, personal style, personal website, mobility issues, etc.
Remember we work only with small groups and private services.

Save the trip with 50% of the total amount.
This advanced payment is not refundable or transfered if no show or by any cancellation reason and the remaining balance will be due before or at the time of the scheduled tour.
At crowdy places, for personal safety reasons is recommended to have a good backpack and never leave your stuff apart from you.
We allow any kind of cameras.
Use of sport or very confortable shoes fully recommended.
WE DO NOT INCLUDE drinks, personal expenses, travel/accident insurance, lodging reservations unless we agree to include them.
Travelers are fully responsible of their health issues. Some trips require to be in enough shape for hiking at high altitudes or hot/cold areas. 

Trips outside Lima city include the transportation. For trips in the city fully private transportation support is available under request and extra cost.
Other timing or arrangements for mobility handicap or extra assistant under request and extra cost.
Photography lessons and special requests available (ask).

1. For many days trips is mandatory to ask for a booking within at least 2 weeks before tour date.
2. If cancellation occurs is considered as No Show and booking advanced payment is not subject of refund.

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