Sheeps Clean up in the Andes

We left Tanta behind, and start the return back to Lima. The road begins to climb again to the next high pass before the road down to the coast and Huarochiri.
At 100 yards from the road we saw lot of people, that is not usual if we have in mind that in the Andes people live in vast areas, so we got approach, ask for permission to stay and shoot cameras, and then and spend some time with them observing the bath of sheeps.

Tanta andean portraits

Traveling to the main center of Peru, we went to Tanta village to be part of a new tourism activity arranged by the llama shepherd traders, they are working on keeping alive the ancient use of llamas for trading along the main Inca trail from Tanta to Jauja, passing by Pariacaca mountain.
Tanta is a village located in the middle of the Andes