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If you are travelling to Peru and looking for some destinations for photography, here I show you some places where I have been, maybe it will help you to choose where to go or what kind of images you may find far from the tourist areas. 

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Like many villagers of the Cusco countryside, they have jumped into the communitarian or rural services. So there we always stay at Wayki Amilcar, house. Being there he took us for a walk to visit…


The trip starts in Ninacaca, a small town at 4,150 masl, from there we have to pass the highest altitude in our driving trip (4,400m), from that point start a downhill trip to Huachon town.


Locally known as Canteras de Sillar are a dry valley formed by the ashes and pyroplastic flows from the eruption of Misti and Chachani volcanoes in million of years.


Taquile island is one of the main tourism attractions in the Puno region. For many years their inhabitants observing the movement of tourists in Puno decided to get organized and innovate.


Lima has become the great and main city of Peru. Almost the third part of the population of the country lives here. The old central market for many years has been the heart of the…


The Nor Yauyos Cochas reserve is in the middle of the country, its importance is based on its history, nature, natural resources and landscapes, as not as other reserves, this is inhabitated by many communities,…


Caral and its 4,000 years stone pyramids is at 200 Kms north from the main capital, the trip may take 3 to 4 hours, so to profit the destination is better to do it in…

Sheep Clean up in the Andes

We left Tanta behind, and start the return back to Lima. The road begins to climb again to the next high pass before the road down to the coast and Huarochiri.

Tanta andean portraits

Traveling to the main center of Peru, we went to Tanta village to be part of a new tourism activity arranged by the llama shepherd traders, they are working on keeping alive the ancient use…


Once the hills of the coast, start to become green in July, the “lomeros”, the transhumance people that use these lands, begin to descend with their animals from the Andes to spend the winter there.…

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